Stolen Gear Registry

This is the place you can post your stolen or lost gear alerts.

Before your gear gets ripped off, you should do the following to protect yourself should the worst happen:

Here's the deal. The more the police have to work with, the more likely it is that your gear will be found and recovered. But this is no guarantee. Some people are very good at what they do in their criminal enterprises. If they know you have gear, because some blabber mouthed idiot mentioned it, they may also know people who will pay top dollar for it. And those people generally are private individuals in the hunt for such gear, and also less likely to ever 'resell' it until twenty years or more have passed, and the value has skyrocketed.

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Okay, here's the list:

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The thievery continues, though. Here's yet another...

Information regarding a stolen 160 year old Martin guitar, along with a violin and cello, from Portland, Oregon. Sounds like the thieves knew this stuff was there. The link below has good pictures to document the unique features of the guitar, along with good pictures of the other two instruments. Copy the URL to see.

The URL to see pictures and descriptions, Here

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Still no word on the following gear, but keep your eyes open.

The gear that was stolen on 2 February, 2013:

Pink Custom Shop Fender Stratocaster ("Pink is Red but not quite" written on back) -- Ser. R41609

Cherry Red 1965 Gibson SG -- Ser. 304544

1957 Gibson VOS Gold Top Les Paul -- Ser. 80204

1958 Gibson VOS Sunburst Les Paul -- Ser. 701847

Gretsch Junior Jet short scale bass (Black burst finish/white pickguard) (Atlanta Falcons sticker on back) -- Ser. CYG10120344

6.5x14" Ludwig Hand Hammered Black Beauty (old ludwig tag) -- Unfortunately the Ser. is locked in my house in Nashville

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We must be willing to help our fellow musicians to recover anything lost or stolen by creeps who could care less about you. They only see money, or drugs, as the final end of their enterprise. And if they are not stopped, some other person will suffer, too.

We are the front line of defence against theft. Be vigilant. At a gig, never let your gear out of the sight of a trusted associate or Roadie - ever. That is the one time bands are the most vulnerable, during "load out", after the gig when everyone is tired and they've let down their guard. Always have someone with "eyes on", at the stage and at the truck - even after it is all buttoned up. I know at least one individual who lost his entire PA system (valued at well over twenty grand) because he left the truck unattended after a gig. It was loaded up, locked and sitting in the parking lot for less than five minutes without someone standing guard. If you do this simple thing, you will be less likely to get ripped off at the gig.

Home invasion is another kettle of fish. Alarm systems and insurance are your only real protections. But if you go away on a road trip or vacation, make sure you have someone who can live in the house during your absence, like a trusted room mate or family member or close, close friend. Absent that, make sure a friend can come by the house every day and change the lighting, pick up the paper and mail (which you should put a hold on while you're away so it isn't delivered). This will decrease the likelihood of losing your precious and hard earned gear - and other things you value.

Losing stuff, getting ripped off, is no fun. That's why this section exists. If your stuff does get ripped off, let us know, send us pictures, get the word out. Follow the above listed steps now, before disaster strikes, and you increase the chances of recovery should the worst happen.